A video record of the first public meeting held on the 5th July 2017 at Lochgelly Town Hall which seen between 150-175 residents in attendance.

Invited panel members were:

  • John Drummond: chair for meeting
  • James Glen: Mossmorran Action Group
  • Katrona Turner: Mossmorran Action Group
  • Linda Turner: Fife Council – Environmental Health
  • Kenny Bissett: Fife Council – Environmental Health – Air Quality
  • Rob Morris: SEPA – North Area Manager
  • Alistair Bain: Councillor & Mossmorran Safety Committee chairperson
  • Catherine Cubitt: ExxonMobil – declined to attend
  • John Raine: Shell – declined to attend
  • NHS Fife: declined to attend

Special thanks to: Lorraine, Kitty and Jackie from Fife Council for arranging the Town Hall, free of charge which allowed the meeting to go ahead.


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