‚ÄčOnce again communities find themselves facing an unspecified period ‚Äčof exceptional industrial pollution, with all the disrupted sleep, stress and worry this always creates.

For all the fine words from the operators and politicians, no one is being held accountable for this aging plant’s increasingly faulty operation. People don’t trust the monitoring of health and environmental impacts, while the social impacts are completely ignored. Once again residents are left to suffer while the operators and politicians keep their heads down and sit out the bad press.

We’ve had thirty-three years of fudges and fob-offs from political representatives too feart to stand up to operators whose priority is to maximise profits.

Nothing short of an independent inquiry into how noise, air and light pollution from the Mossmorran plant is affecting local communities will now satisfy residents. Mark Ruskell has publicly called for this. Why aren’t his fellow MPs, MSPs and Councillors insisting on the same? This is the only thing that should be on the agenda for Lesley Laird’s upcoming roundtable.


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