Press Statement – SEPA’s report concluding investigations

SEPA’s report is very welcome, particularly the recognition that “the impact of unplanned flaring from Mossmorran last year was both preventable and unacceptable”. SEPA is clear the flaring was down to a lack of maintenance by the operators which must raise questions about the overall safety of the plant.

The operators plainly put profit before safety and before the well-being of neighbouring communities.

SEPA’s report shows communities were right to be fearful and angry about the irresponsible behaviour of the operators.

We’ve now got the standard PR from ExxonMobil and Shell in response, but we’ve had that for years while emissions and safety at the plant have deteriorated.

Thirty three years after the plant started flaring, SEPA still lacks the power and resources to assess and control all the environmental, health social impacts of the plant. We want to see an independent investigation backed up by Scottish Government action to ensure that communities receive proper protection.

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Resident-led action group seeking redress from the long-term social, health and environmental impacts from the Mossmorran facilities in Central Fife operated by ExxonMobil (Fife Ethylene Plant) and Shell (Fife NGL).


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