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EXXON/MOBIL have hit back at statements by a Green MSP over facts revealed in a Freedom of Information request by him.

The FoI data revealed incidents four situations which had occurred at the Mossmorran complex, including the FEP, which Mark Ruskell had aired his concern at.

The Exxon/Mobil statement said: “Like all industrial sites, the Fife Ethylene Plant (FEP) is regulated closely by the HSE to ensure the safe working of the plant.

“The HSE also visits and completes regular inspections of FEP to assess all safety measures and identify any areas for improvement. As recently as February this year, the HSE confirmed that there are no serious deficiencies in the necessary preventative measures at FEP under the COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) regulations, and there are currently no actions overdue”.

It added: “In order for a plant like FEP to work by the stringent COMAH precautionary standards, it is vital to assess where the highest potential hazards are on site in order to mitigate against major risks.

“The nature of the documents released under a Freedom of Information request relate to regular dialogue between the HSE and FEP as part of the ongoing inspection and review process. The depth and technical detail of the review process and dialogue between the HSE and FEP is recorded rigorously, and we welcome this.

“FEP is committed to the highest standards of health and safety and our operations include regular internal inspections to ensure we maintain our excellent record – this is reflected in the fact that in the past 22 years there have been no serious injuries at all on site.”

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