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IT looks like the findings of the SEPA investigation into the flaring at Mossmorran will be available by the end of the year and this will be welcomed by everyone.

The number of incidents of flaring over the past three years has been rising and it is no surprise the SEPA stepped in this year to ensure a major investigation.

Now I have said in the past that I have had a lot of sympathy for the gas plant for the fact is that equipment does break down and flaring is the safest way of dealing with these situations.

However, there is now no doubt that the flaring incidents of the past year has been straw that has broken the camel’s back and we have reached the point where something has to be done to ensure that the site is up to expected standards.

Last June the flaring was very shocking at the Exxon plant and it seemed to last for day after day and never looked like ending.

The noise and smoke in the early stages was totally unacceptable and was the big talking point on the High Street.

It was a major technical problem that caused the situation but once it was sorted you felt that will be it for a long time.

Alas no and over the passing months several more incidents have caused more flaring was perhaps inevitable that the SEPA people got involved.

The investigation has taken considerable time but that is no real surprise as there will be many things they will have had to examine in working with the gas companies.

What will it come out with? Hopefully some way that the number of flaring incidents will be reduced and the site will become a good partner of the communities.


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