Response to Fife Council on Roles & Responsibilities for the Safety Committee

Fife Council have issued a formal response to Central Fife Times denying they are responsible for the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Community and Safety Committee –

PRESS STATEMENT…… for immediate release

Mossmorran Action Group chairman James Glen says;

“Fife Council is being totally disingenuous in disclaiming all responsibility for the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Community and Safety Committee beyond the appointment of three councillors.

A quick look online reveals that all the minutes are published on Fife Council letterheads and published on fifedirect, which suggests the Committee lies under the auspices of the Council.

The committee’s constitution, which dates from December 2000, and which is also available on Fife Council’s website, is headed as “The Fife Council Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Community and Safety Committee”.

The constitution states that “an appropriate number of officials (normally no more than four), who shall not be entitled to vote, from the local authority shall attend meetings of the Committee”.

Fife Council are also required to provide the Chairperson via one of the councillor members.

Finally the Constitution states that “the local authority shall meet any reasonable costs of the administration of the Committee”.

Whether the Council likes it or not, it has a significant part to play in the formation and running of this committee, and it has the power and responsibility, if not the will, to clean up this committee and make it fit for purpose.”

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Resident-led action group seeking redress from the long-term social, health and environmental impacts from the Mossmorran facilities in Central Fife operated by ExxonMobil (Fife Ethylene Plant) and Shell (Fife NGL).


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