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Ethylene plant's repairs now to start on Thursday

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THE planned flaring at the Mossmorran Fife Ethylene Plant has been delayed until later this week.

ON Sunday ExxonMobil reported that a repair to piping would see flaring starting on Monday but this has been delayed until Thursday.

Plant manager Jacob McAlister said on Tuesday: “Further to our announcement on Sunday (30 June), detailing planned flaring to allow for essential maintenance work, we have taken a decision to finalise additional actions that will further optimise the process plan, with the intent to reduce the level of flaring.

“As a result, we will now commence the original planned work from Thursday. Again, it is anticipated that this work will take no more than five days from commencement.

“As we have always indicated, we strive to avoid the use of flaring but there is a need to do so on this occasion. We apologise to anyone concerned by the flaring, and thank our local communities for their patience and understanding.”

For information about flaring at FEP visit their website, or Email:

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