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Cancelled Mossmorran meeting angers Green MSP Mark Ruskell

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MOSSMORRAN operator ExxonMobil cancelled a planned visit from Scottish Green Energy spokesperson, Mark Ruskell, to the Fife Ethylene Plant while SEPA investigate unplanned flaring at the plant this week.

The petrochemical giant has apologised to local residents for unplanned flaring at its plant on the outskirts of Cowdenbeath this week after two boilers went out of action.

Mark Ruskell has repeatedly called for an independent inquiry into possible pollution from the plant and was a major contributor to the public meeting held at Lochgelly Town Hall, in May, to discuss the week long flaring which occurred at Easter time.

The Green Energy spokesman has been involved in a number of discussions with ExxonMobil over flaring episodes.

Responding to the news that his visit had been cancelled, Mark Ruskell said: “I appreciate the greater detail ExxonMobil have provided us this time round regarding the cause of the latest outage, but the failure of two out of three boilers at the plant constitutes a major breakdown.

“No wonder the local community is concerned.

“It all adds to the growing evidence that we need an independent inquiry into the condition and safety of the FEP at Mossmorran.

“I was due to visit the site this week and had a long list of questions to put to the operators, but this has now been cancelled. This would have been a good opportunity for ExxonMobil to show what happens on the plant during these incidents and demonstrate their commitment to the highest possible maintenance regime.”

Exxon explained this week that the flaring of late Monday and on Tuesday was to allow staff to be able to safely examine why the boilers had gone down reducing the amount of steam available for the production process. It ensured that the system could be safely taking out of action.

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