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SEPA should be given more resources to tackle these issues

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KIRKCALDY and Cowdenbeath MP Lesley Laird is wanting the Scottish Government to give SEPA more resources to tackle the problems that have besotted the Mossmorran complex in recent months.

Following the news that SEPA had rejected ExxonMobil’s proposals for plant modifications due to their proposed timescale she said this week: “It is promising that SEPA have finally shown that they are prepared to hold the plants to account.

“However, we must wait and see what the changes to the permit include this week.

“We must also see if SEPA get additional resources to enable them to stay on top of the increasing and complex issues they face.”

SEPA will move within seven days to vary operating permits to include required timescales for the implementation of Best Available Techniques (BAT), for flaring and the provision of further detail required.

Lesley added: “It is encouraging that tighter timescales will likely be made with BAT investment but they also need to ensure that current maintenance routines and equipment are fit for purpose as the current breakdown in boilers has shown.

“I think the flaring incidents this year have shown that the current permits are not fit for purpose.”

The MP indicated that at the most recent Mossmorran Working Group at the end of June Exxon had indicated their proposals for BAT.

Lesley said: “I was concerned in June about the project management capability for these proposals.

“These plans will most likely require planning consent which will require public approval. This can all add to the timescale.

“What local residents want to see are these plans translated into tangible solutions to the problems that they face now.

“I will be speaking with head of SEPA Terry A’hearn later this week. And also plan to speak to plant manager, Jacob McAlister.

“All this simply shows once again that the Scottish Government must step in to ensure more resources for SEPA and a wider investigation of the complex issues the plant faces. I will be writing to Roseanna Cunningham to ask her once again to intervene”.

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