Mossmorran Explosions

Explosions at Mossmoran –

Linda Holt, board member and spokesperson for Mossmorran Action Group

“Since being confronted by HSE’s confirmation that explosions took place when two out of three boilers suffered “catastrophic breakdowns”, ExxonMobil have remained tight-lipped. They are hiding behind the fact that a major HSE investigation is underway which could result in criminal prosecution.

We have received reports that the first explosion had a 20 metre blast radius, with the second explosion creating a blast radius more than double in size. It was extremely fortunate that no one was hurt in either blast. The question needs to be asked why Exxon tried to cover this up, and of course it raises the further question as what else they are covering up.

Engineers have contacted MAG to ask why when the first boiler broke down, the other two identical ones were not immediately shut down until the fault causing the explosion had been identified and ruled out for the other two boilers. this would be normal safety procedure. Instead Exxon carried on processing, using just two boilers, until less than two weeks later the second boiler blew, forcing a complete shutdown in operations.

Transparency and accountability are sadly lacking at Exxon, and although HSE is on the case, it’s time for the UK and Scottish Governments to step in. The UK Government has the power to order a thorough safety review of the plant, while it falls to the Scottish Government to commission the independent expert study into the environmental, social and health impacts of the plant’s operations, which Fife Council and a cross-party group of MSPs have been calling for.”


  • It’s very clear that serious pollution is coming from this plant. Along with Grangemouth the effects on fife and Lothian regions health,mostly respiratory problems are massively above so called national average stats its same old story.£££££££££££££££££££££ no matter that a few brave doctors who live and practise in what I call fallout zone are experiencing massive increases in all areas of respiratory illness. Chest infections,asthma,cancers etc etc etc etc ………………………………………. put these plants in London if they are so harmless.its not prime minister or queen who control these laws,its the billionaires who pay there mortgages and expenses and keep them living in a bubble of non-realism,to them who cares if parts of Scotland are slowly being fed a diet of oxygen & benzene n all other carefully covered up chemical nightmares.


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Resident-led action group seeking redress from the long-term social, health and environmental impacts from the Mossmorran facilities in Central Fife operated by ExxonMobil (Fife Ethylene Plant) and Shell (Fife NGL).


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