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Sleep loss is one of the effects

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I HAVE written quite a few letters on the Mossmorran petro site but this one to me seems the one that I would not get to comment on.

The NHS report into the effects of flaring at Mossmorran seems to have created a lot of people suggesting that there should be compensation for people affected by what has being going on.

According to the report in the Times the NHS seem to say that most of the problems caused by the flaring have centred around sleep loss and stress.

That is something which is pretty obvious, I would say as the effects of the heavy flaring at night make it difficult for folk near the plant to sleep.

It would seem that the First Minister is even taking an interest in the issue but I wonder how the whole thing will be worked out if the oil company agrees to make some compensation payments.

It doesn’t seem an easy thing to decide, how would it be decided who should get what.

No doubt there will have been folk who have gone to the medics with conditions linked to the plant and maybe that would have an impact.

Maybe the only real way to get the things done would be through a large sum put into a community pot that could be used by organisations in the communities surrounding the plant.

I mean there are a lot of good organisations in Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly and surrounding communities who do a lot of good work.

That is maybe a long way off but it will be interesting to see what ideas are put forward to make this work if it happens.


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