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Key stretch of piping being replaced at gas plant

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AS life begins to creep back into the Fife Ethylene Plant, manager Jacob McAlister yesterday indicated that the people of the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area will start to see steam rising from the Mossmorran facility.

The steam volume has always been a feature of the FEP over the 30+ years it has been in operation, but since August it has been missing since it shut down due to boiler problems.

Steam is a key element in the ethylene production process.

The new boilers are now coming on stream and Jacob pointed out that the steam rising from the plant would be part of the start-up process.

He said: “As part of our ongoing work here at FEP, people may begin to notice steam rising from the plant, which is helping us to warm up our network of piping.

“We are continuing to work on our re-start schedule and will advise the public when we have a firm time frame.

“We will continue to share updates with our surrounding communities throughout and if anyone has any questions, please get in touch.”

ExxonMobil stressed last week that while the start-up process gathers pace, there will be no flaring over the Christmas period.

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