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Aim is to keep stack flame to minimum

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THE re-start of the Fife Ethylene Plant will go into full swing next week.

Plant boss Jacob McAlister said this morning that he process will involve use of the elevated flare stack at the Mossmorran plant but he added that strong efforts will be made keep the size of the flame as small as possible.

Said Jacob: “We are continuing to make good progress towards the safe re-start of production.

“We have updated our schedule and are currently aiming to enter the main re-start phase next week.

“For this phase, we need to use our elevated flare. We will advise the local communities of the exact date for this as natural gas from St Fergus begins its journey to FEP, around three to four days in advance.

“Flaring is necessary as our major process machines are started individually, in sequence. Until each machine is online and producing on-spec ethylene, we need to divert gas safely to the flare”.

And he stressed: “To help reduce issues for local communities, we will be implementing a number of actions with the specific aim of reducing the size of the elevated flare.

“We will now begin a comprehensive communications programme, which will help give local communities insight to the steps we will be taking.

“We have also produced a short guide, which we hope helps explain each stage of the re-start.

“Should people have any questions, please get in touch at”

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