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Mossmorran warns of flaring ahead of plant restart

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Bosses at the Fife Ethylene Plant have specificed the day elevated flaring will begin as the plant restarts.

In a letter sent out to those living near Mossmorran, plant manager Jacob McAlister said that furnaces and newly-installed boilers have now been switched on.

There will be elevated flaring from Saturday, as the gas begins flowing from the north east.

The letter says: “As promised, we want to provide you with regular updates on the safe re-start of our production.

“We have brought furnaces and boilers into operation, while containing the required flaring within the ground flare.

“We are now preparing for the start-up of our major process machines, so have requested an increased flow of gas from St Fergus.

“This means we anticipate the need to begin using our elevated flare from Saturday, with the exact time based on the arrival of the required feed gas.

“Our team has taken a series of actions with the aim of reducing flare size and duration.

“We will keep you updated throughout but should you have any questions, please let us know.”

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