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VIDEO: 'No, that's not the sunset': Shock as 'apocalyptic' Mossmoran flaring seen 120+ miles away

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Remarkable video and images show “apocalyptic” flaring coming from the Mossmoran petrochemical plant in Fife.

Operators of the plant apologised to communities after restarting the plant on Thursday night. It was shut down last year following persistent flaring episodes.

Huge gas flaring was visible for miles which prompted social media speculation that the plant was actually on fire.

The graphic below shows where people on Twitter reported sightings of the flaring, with the furthest distance Cairn o’ Mount in Aberdeenshire, 126 miles away.

The dramatic sight of fire in the night sky led one person on the social network to describe it as “apolocalyptic”.

Katie Tunn posted: “This is the first time I’ve learnt about #Mossmorran and the flaring. Seen clearly from Edinburgh and from as far away as Dundee, it’s like something apocalyptic and unreal.”

James Donlan tweeted: “It is worse now than it was before the “improvements”. Now when there’s an upset, night turns into day in Fife.”

Michael Alexander tweeted: “No that’s not the #sunset…That orange glow in the sky is the latest #Mossmorran flaring as seen from 20+ miles away in #Cupar this evening @MossFlare.”

Operators apologise to communities after Mossmorran flaring



A Mossmorran spokesman said the process of restarting the plant was “safe and controlled”.

He said: “There is no fire at the Fife Ethylene Plant.

“Fire Services are not in attendance.

“We are using our flare as part of an operational process.

“Our team are working to reduce both the size and duration of the flare.

“We apologise to communities for any concern that we may have caused.”

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