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Mossmorran operators are dealing with a ‘process upset’ just days after the plant was restarted.

ExxonMobil Chemical said the elevated flare is in use at Fife Ethylene Plant while it manages the issue.

It insisted the flaring was “completely safe” and that it would do its utmost to reduce the size and duration of the flare.

Apparently this is low level flaring, what a racket and nice puff of black smoke!

Posted by Katie Sibbald on Tuesday, 3 March 2020

People living nearby filmed and photographed what appeared to be plumes of black smoke emanating from the plant shortly at around 2.45pm on Wednesday.

Some also said they had already logged complaints with environment watchdog, Sepa, which has been monitoring the complex.

The announcement of the latest episode was made at 3pm on Tuesday.

It said: “We are currently using our elevated flare to manage a process upset.

“Our team are working to resolve the issue.

“The use of the flare is completely safe and we will do everything we can to reduce size and duration.”

Plant manager Jacob McAlister later explained there had been a trip on a major compressor and apologised for inconvenience to communities.

He said: “Our team is currently undertaking the necessary checks to begin a safe restart.”

He announced on February 21 that the plant near Cowdenbeath had resumed normal production after a six-month closure.

He said it had restarted safely and that processes and safety procedures had been fully 

Fife Ethylene Plant closed for maintenance last August when two out of three boilers failed.

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