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Environmental protestors have called off action at a Fife petrochemical plant this summer.

Mossmorran was to have been the location for Climate Camp Scotland in July.

Five days of activity were planned, including direct action, talks and workshops.

However, the event has been cancelled following the cancellation of the United Nations climate conference COP26 in Glasgow in November.

Climate Camp Scotland, which has links with Extinction Rebellion, said it decided against staging the camp following two weeks of consultation and reflection.

However, it pledged to continue working with communities around Fife Ethylene Plant and Fife NGL Plant.

It told followers: “At the forefront of this decision are the very real barriers raised by the ongoing global pandemic.

“However, we also believe this decision is necessary to enable people in our movement to carry out caring responsibilities and mutual aid organising, work which we believe the climate movement must promote and embrace.

“We are resolved to continue to work with communities blighted by the Mossmorran gas plants, and strive for a just transition for communities and workers in Scotland and around the world.”

Mossmorran was selected for the 2020 camp in recognition of local action and because operators Shell and ExxonMobil are among the world’s largest carbon emitters.

A camp is to be held next year but no venue has been indicated.

There had been real concerns at Police Scotland level about what kind of resources might be needed to ensure the camp was held peacefully at the site, but those fears have been allayed by the latest decision.

Pressure has been mounting on the Scottish Government to call for an urgent inquiry into the future of a Fife chemical plant, following recent breakdowns at the site.

Around 2,000 people concerned about the impact of ExxonMobil’s Mossmorran petrochemical complex near Cowdenbeath have used an online portal set up by the Scottish Greens to voice their anger about unplanned flaring incidents which have led to complaints about noise and light pollution, disturbed sleep and vibration to houses.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) said it is working to address the root causes of the problems, although the same organisation issued a final warning to plant operators nearly two years ago.

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Resident-led action group seeking redress from the long-term social, health and environmental impacts from the Mossmorran facilities in Central Fife operated by ExxonMobil (Fife Ethylene Plant) and Shell (Fife NGL).


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