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Communities are furious at dumping of tyres and scrap metal

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WANTON fly-tipping in two communities was this week slammed.

Almost 100 tyres were simply discarded near Crossgates while over a tonne of debris was gathered in Lochore by community volunteers.

Crossgates Community Council members were shocked by the discovery on Saturday and the organisation described it as ‘sheer anti-social behaviour’.

Said a spokesperson for the village community council: “There were at least 90 tyres, some still with their wheels attached, dumped at the side of the road between Mossmorran and Crossgates, and on also the roads around the villages of Donibristle and Fordell.

“This was believed to have occurred between Thursday evening and early on Friday morning.

“There had to be a sizeable vehicle involved, along with several people in this illegal dumping act and you would think someone, somewhere has seen them acting suspiciously in or around these areas.”

They added: “Thankfully Fife Council have acted quickly, after several notifications were received from villagers, to have them removed on Monday, but it is totally wrong to leave these at the side of a road.

“This is anti social behaviour and unacceptable and if anyone has any information that would lead to exposing the culprits then they should contact the Council and the police.

“Villagers should always report any suspicious behaviour to the police with registration numbers and description of vehicles if possible.

“If you see this sort of thing happening, don’t be embarrassed to contact the police and take a picture if you can”.

Meanwhile the grassed area of the old railway line in Lochore was cleaned up after a mixture of tyres, electrical equipment, scrap metal and general litter was found.

Local people, Walter Anderson and Danny Apps, were full of praise for the people who cleaned the mess up: “We would like thank the persons who cleaned up the pile of stuff left dumped on the old railway line at Rosewell Drive.”

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