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Tyre dumpers deserve to be very heavily fined

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THE problems outlined in the Times about the dumping of tyres and scrap metal is one you might not expect to see.

Things like stones and bricks, old doors and window frames and general building debris can be expected from fly-tippers.

However, tyres, and some with wheels still on, is a bit strange to say the least.

No wonder villagers were taken aback by finding this on the road between Crossgates and Mossmorran.

It is a hard one to call who would have done that other than people who have been removing and replacing tyres on cars.

But then how many of these organisations are operational just now?

Whatever and whoever it was it certainly was a disgrace and really they should look at themselves in a mirror. That just is not right at all.

The story about Lochore too included tyres, maybe not so many but still tyres dumped.

The closure of the Recycling Centres at Cartmore, in Lochgelly, and Cuddyhouse Road, in Dunfermline, have been blamed for a lot of debris being thrown out at the roadside but I cannot think that you could blame that situation on these places being shut during the lockdown.

Of course possibly whoever threw the tyres down on the road verge rely on companies who pick up old tyres who maybe are not working just now.

You could maybe see the reasoning in their actions if that was the case but it is still certainly not justified.

Hopefully these people will be caught and suitably heavily fined.


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