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THE decision by SEPA to put a May 7 deadline on the fitting of the new flare tip at the Fife Ethylene Plant, which will reduce noise levels during flaring, is no more than local communities deserve.

That is the view of Cowdenbeath MSP Annabelle Ewing who said: “I had my regulate update from SEPA this morning regarding the ongoing issues at Mossmorran and I am pleased to note that they have now issued a Notice of Variation of Permit to Exxon Mobil regarding the timing of the installation of the noise reducing flare tip at the FEP.

“Exxon had applied for an extension of the deadline to August citing Covid-related delays and, at the time, I called on SEPA to limit that extension and this announcement by SEPA knocks three to four months off that request.

“Specifically, from May 8 2021, the operator will not be permitted to operate an elevated flare unless the new low-noise tip has been installed and I understand from recent communication I have had with Exxon that they plan to start work in April.

“SEPA have been very clear – the existing elevated flare cannot be used after May7 and the plant can only restart once the noise-reducing flare tip is in place. It really is vital that progress is made, the local community deserves nothing less.”

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