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Photos of the flaring at Mossmorran on Monday.

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Sir, – We sympathise with all the people suffering the effects of flaring at Mossmorran.

In the mid 1970s, we lived in Aberdour when the proposal to build the fuel plant at Mossmorran was proposed and caused a lot of concern.

We attended a number of meetings giving information on the outcome of such plants.

One big worry was the life of this plant – we were told they can have big problems after 20 years.

At least two plants in America had failed, causing explosions, but the most worrying factor was the gas, if it leaked from the plant, is heavy and travels on whatever surface it meets, sea or ground. It was explained that this gas was volatile and in America it had travelled up drains and, of course, caught fire.

The alarming aspect of this, depending on wind direction, was the gas could travel across the Forth to Edinburgh and enter the drainage system.

Unfortunately we did not keep the leaflets and newspaper reports of these meetings and the local area’s objections, but The Courier reported them well in the 1970s.

We think the excess flaring now is the start of the plant showing its age, as this was also commented on, and could happen.

Two members of the community went to America to gather information on a similar gas plant to support our community’s concerns, but it was to no avail as the plant was built in a very populated area.

Rita and Donald Isles.

Craigour House,

Bridge of Tilt.


Drained the swamp to occupy it himself

Sir, – Donald J Trump is a ‘god’ in his mind only.

Yes, he was making a jocular remark but it shows his lack of understanding and appropriateness by making light of other people’s misery, some of whom will die, as he gets a first crack at a new drug, again the emphasis is on him.

His recently exposed federal tax payments of $750, indicates he is tax savvy, aka greedy.

Not paying your fair amount of tax to the communal pot is reprehensible.

I accept the current tax laws have been set up by the rich to protect the rich from, what they would describe as unfair burdens to support the US Federal Government.

However, with the same breath he praises the military, fire and rescue departments, health and ER staff, so by his actions he is ‘starving the pot from being able to fund the people who most need help.

His withdrawal from the World Health Organisation, is another indication of his dislike for things that he can’t control absolutely and who may also criticise his judgment.

This characteristic is also visible in his appointment to the US Supreme Court.

He seems to have drained the swamp so that he could occupy it himself. How will that play out among the blue collar men and women of all races?

Alistair Ballantyne.




A shallow political generation indeed

Sir, – We are now hearing that the reason why Margaret Ferrier will not stand down, is that she was confused by the government advice for those testing positive for Covid!

Of course the fact that she would have to forgo her eye-watering tax-payer funded salary if she quit has nothing at all to do with her decision to remain an MP.

We also still have Derek Mackay drawing his salary and expenses even although he has not attended at Holyrood since February.

If anything illustrates the shallowness of this generation of unprincipled politicians, we need look no further.

Derek Farmer.

Knightsward Farm,



Flat earth should not be totally dismissed

Sir, – Planet Earth’s rotational direction – from an observer looking down to the North Pole, anti-clockwise: The reverse being true to an observer above the South Pole.

From a universal point of view this appears somewhat anomalous.

It would seem, therefore, the “flat earth” claim should not be dismissed out of hand, or for that matter, the seemingly arcane beliefs of many others!

Kenneth Miln.

Swallow Apartments,

Union St,


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Resident-led action group seeking redress from the long-term social, health and environmental impacts from the Mossmorran facilities in Central Fife operated by ExxonMobil (Fife Ethylene Plant) and Shell (Fife NGL).


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