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Central Fife Times: Here's what making the news this week

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We’ve got everything from dangerous gas canisters found at a primary school and tyre-some vandals through to positive news on the vaccine front and a local lad with a heart of gold. 

In tomorrow’s Central Fife Times there’s a full report on the Kelty dad found not guilty of attempted murder, Fife Council and a ‘deeply unpleasant’ smell and the petition to close Mossmorran that’s been signed by more than 1,000 people. 

Here are some of the stories making the news this week: 

* No laughing matter as gas canisters found at primary school

* Vehicle vandals in a 4×4 cause ‘significant damage’ at Meedies

* ‘Good news at last’ as Lochgelly nurses fight back against Covid

* Owen used his own pocket money to give care home residents a treat

* NHS Fife insist they DO have enough vaccines

* Ballingry couple banned from keeping a dog

* Mum thanks caring Crossgates after Ethan’s sledging accident

* Rising star: Aaron’s solo helps song reach number nine in the charts

* Kelty dad who repeatedly stabbed a man weeps as he walks free from court

* Face it, passengers are not covering up on buses

* Robyn’s family ‘disgusted’ after road safety measures removed again

* Man caught with knuckleduster after breaking ankle in jump from window

* Gift of the jab as Lochgelly Centre becomes vaccine clinic

* More than 1,000 people sign petition to close Mossmorran

* Spread a little laughter instead at OnFife comedy cafe

* Covid scuppers Fife Council bid to save £4m

* Neighbour from hell jailed after threat to kill 

* Blue Brazil ask SFA when they can start playing again

* The next screening at the Odeon could be a whodunnit as jury trials begin

* If it’s not life threatening don’t come to A&E 

* New ‘do-it-yourself’ Covid testing sites open in Fife

* Plans to build 115 houses next to primary school

* ‘Closing pubs and restaurants has led to more virus cases, not less’

* MSP says violence against shop workers can’t go on

* Welfare state is looking good after fans rally round club

* ‘Deeply unpleasant’ smell coming from Fife Council’s landfill tip

* Jail for offender who cut off his tag

* Fife teacher warns of ‘postcode lottery’ and out of date technology

* MSP ‘It’s embarrassing we’ve got a £1.3 billion bridge that cannot operate in ice and snow’

* Motorbike found as police continue search for missing man

* Home schooling to blame for a lack of home buying

* Fife police can be life-savers by carrying anti-overdose drug

* Pupils won’t be left to their own devices 

* Man told security guard ‘I’ll slash your face and your dog’

* Neil aims to build a successful career on the race track

* Ten years of progress in former mining communities ‘wiped out’ by virus

* ‘Considerable’ progress being made in vaccination programme in Fife

* Man ran out of house with golf club and threatened to kill driver

* Thorny problem as Primrose boss fears season could be scrapped

And that’s not all. We’ve got nine pages of puzzles, image of the week, letters and opinions page, memory lane and a district file. 

Don’t forget to pick up your copy tomorrow. 

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