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Cowdenbeath MSP wants answers from ExxonMobil over flaring

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COWDENBEATH MSP Annabelle Ewing said she was “very concerned” after more unplanned flaring at Mossmorran.

She said the elevated flare was in use at Fife Ethylene Plant – for the burning of excess gas – due to a “technical issue” and that she had sought answers from ExxonMobil.

Ms Ewing said: “I was very concerned to note that there has been yet another unplanned flaring incident at Mossmorran.

“In a message to the external affairs manager (Stuart Neill) at ExxonMobil, I have sought more details about the precise nature of the ‘technical’ reason for this flaring, how long it is expected to last and what efforts have been made to convey this information to the local community.

“I have also asked whether SEPA and HSE have been alerted.

“As Mr Neill notes, every time the flare lights up the sky it causes disruption and concern for my constituents who live nearby.”

Mr Neill said: “We thank communities for their patience during the use of our flare this afternoon, and we are sorry if it caused any concern or inconvenience.

“We do want to assure that safe operations were maintained throughout.

‘’We directly responded to Ms Ewing’s requests for information during the short period we were using our flare.

“Our team moved quickly to both reduce the use of the flare and to make the necessary adjustments to return to normal operations. We engaged SEPA quickly and continued to do so throughout.’’

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