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Agenda of the european climate camps, actions and activist’s gatherings of the summer 2021

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Since decades, numerous activist gatherings are organised across Europe  during spring et summer, allowing meetings, exchanges between many activists, organizations and European networks, but also to act, through rallies, demonstrations, civil disobedience and direct actions in order to fight against the capitalist system, extractivist industries, social and environmental inequalities.

In spite of covid-19’s syndemia, and although in smaller numbers compared to previous years, dozens of these gatherings are planned throughout the summer of 2021, with bike trips to alternative places, climate camps, actions of civil disobedience against extractivist industry (coal, gas, oil, concrete, etc.), borders, nuclear power and weapons, but also with many gatherings in order to imagine and put into action other ways of life, other societies, anti-capitalists, solidary, cooperative, pacifist and respectful of all living things.

Here is the non-exhaustive agenda of these European gatherings. Other dates will be added in the next few weeks once they are made public, notably those of climate camps and actions planned in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and France.

Feel free to add information in the comments if you know of any interesting events, I will add them to the article.

Have a good summer of struggle!

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14th – 16th May : Sconfiniamo la frontiera. Gathering, demonstration and debates on borders, Susa Valley, Italy.

18th May : Shell must fall! Call for actions against the oil company Shell.

19 au 20 mai : Pinksterlanddagen, an anarchist festival in Appelscha, Netherlands.
Postponed, and replaced by online conferences on the 22nd of may.

22nd – 23rd May : Weekend of mobilisation against the RN88 bypass in Haute Loire, Le Pertuis / Saint Hostien (between Saint-Étienne and Puy-en-Velay), France.

23rd – 30th May : Climate camp near Vienna, Austria.

27th may : Call to support the marauders on appeal trial, charged for helping refugees near Briançon, Court of Grenoble, France.

28th – 30th May : Citoyens résistants d’hier et d’aujourd’hui (Resistant citizens of yesterday and today), gathering on the Glières’s plateau, France.

28th – 30th may : IV anarchist meeting against the techno-insustrial system and its world, Barcelona, Spain.

29th – 30th May : Weekend of mobilisation for the Pyrenean forest, Nestier, France.

29th of may – 6th of june : Skillsharing at the Nora 219a forest occupation, Poland.


1st – 3rd June : Rallies and demonstration in support of the seven anti-nuclear activists from Bure charged with « criminal association », Bar-Le-Duc, France.

3rd – 6th june : Kronstadt congress, anarchist movements and perspectives today, Berlin, Germany. POSTPONED, but a one-day rally will take place on the 5th of june.

5th June : All at the borders! International feminist action for a Europe without walls, Nice, France.

5th of June : Good life for all ! Global degrowth day, decentralized events and actions. Everywhere.

5th – 6th June : Festive mobilisation for the definitive abandonment of the Carnet industrial project, at Frossay, near Nantes, France.

5th – 6th June : Decentralised days of action against transport and fossil infrastructure projects, Germany.

11th – 13th June : Resistance camp and international days of action against G7, St Ives, England.

17th – 20th June : Climate camp in Lüneburg, Germany.

19th – 21th June : Camp of meetings and actions against a project of extension of sand quarries and intensification of industrial market gardening, Saint Colomban, near Nantes, France.

25th – 27th of June : 7th anniversary of the occupation of the Mondeggi’s Commune, with debates, encounters and concerts, Italy.

From June 29th : Week of large-scale and simultaneous blockades targeting the entire building chain and large unnecessary projects in Ile de France, France.

29th June – 1st july : Peace manifestation in front of HanseMesse during military fair UDT. , Rostock, Germany.


Begining of july : Arrival in Spain of a zapatist delegation from Chiapas, start of a trip throughout Europe.

July and August : Regional summer training camps of Friends of the Earth, Alternatiba and ANV-COP21, about twenty camps through France.

9th July to the end of September : Ecotopia bike tour, travel to alternative communities and places of struggle.

6th – 11th July : Action camp against atomic weapons, Germany.

9th – 17th July : Festival Résistances, film and debate festival, Foix, France.

10th – 11th july : European meeting of women, trans, inter and non-binary people, ZAD of NDDL, France. Warning ! The gathering was postponed to the 28th – 29th july.
->more infos here :

10th – 14th July : Intergalactic gathering in relation to the Zapatist invasion, ZAD of NDDL, France. Warning ! Gathering postponed, new dates to be announced soon, either from 24th-28th july or 28th july – 1st august.
->more infos here :

10th – 18th July : Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie, action camp against the meat industry, Germany.

12th – 17th July : Festival of Les passeurs d’humanité, Roya valley, France.

12th July – 27th August : Altertour, from Fontaine en Bray to Brest, France.

13th – 18th July : Reclaim the Field European assembly, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

15th – 18th july : Sommer, Sonne, Antifa! Antifascit festival, Rheinland, Germany.

15th – 27th july : Resistant caravan for life, march throughout borders in the High Alps, between Vintimille, La Roya, Briançon and Gap, France.

17th – 19th july : Digging for life, action of civil disobedience against nuclear weapons, at Büchel’s military and nuclear weapons base, Germany.

21st July – 4th August : Summer gathering of Les Amies de la revue Silence, Ardèche, France.

23rd – 25th July : Climate camp in Stuttgart, Germany.

24th of july – 7th of august : Tour de Natur, cycling tour from Munster to Köln.

24th of july – 25th of august : La grande marche, walk from la Hague to Paris to call for a debate about nuclear and for energy transition, France.

29th of July – 2nd of August : Ende Gelände! Action camp against gas infrastructures, Brunsbüttel, Germany.

30th of July : Global Call for Action – International action day against fossil gas expansion and fracking.

30th of July – 6th of august : Rise up for change, action week againt the swiss financial sector, Switzerland.

30th of July – 8th of August : Cyclocamp, transnational festival for bicycle cultures, Ottensheim, Austria.

31st of july – 1st of august : Urban climate camp in Munich, Germany.

31st of july – 1st of august : Climate action camp against Mossmorran’s petrochemical refinery, weekend of workshops, skillsharing and action, Mossmorran, Scotland.


6th – 8th of August : Festival Les Bure’lesques, against ANDRA’s nuclear waste burial project, Bure, France.

2nd – 22nd of august : Kultur ohne kohle / Culture without coal : Cultural events and parties between villages of the Rhin region threatened by coal mines, next Cologne, Allemagne.

10th – 15th of August : Beyond Baltic Pipe, climate camp against fossil infrastructures, Makværket, Denmark.

13th – 15th of august : Kongress A, anarchist congress, Münster, Germany.

15th – 20th of august : Roll back the tracks, cycling tour against the HS2 high speed trainline project.

16th – 26th of august : Les rayonnantes, antinuclear camp, next to Bure, France.

18th – 22th of August : Anti-gas camp, Rheinland, Germany.

24th – 28th of August : Summer university of social movements and solidarity, Nantes, France.

19th – 22nd of August : AMS camp, self-organized camp, lectures & discussions, critique of gender relations, capitalism & nationalism, cultural program with theater & music, at St. Georgen in the Black Forest, Germany.

23rd – 30th of August : Extinction Rebellion ‘August Rebellion’ , London, England
-> Varying dates in other countries around the world.

24th – 28th of august : 8th international degrowth conference, The Hague, Netherlands.

28th august – 11th september : Turning the tide, sailing trip on the Blatic sea for climate justice, that will pass by Copenhague, Malmö, Stralsund, Kiel. POSTPONED
Information to come. Contact :

27th august – 7th september : Climate camp against the extension of Leipzig airport, near the airport, Germany.


Begining of september : Bicycle tours « Without kerosene to Berlin », from several German regions, Germany.

1st – 5th september : Climate action camp, Slovensko, Bratislava, Slovakia.

4th – 5th september : Self-refereed inclusive soccer tournament for freedom, stadium Père Prevost & Montcalm, Montpellier, France.

6th – 9th september : Velo city 2021 Lisboa, cycle diversity. Global cycle conference, Lisbon, Portugal.

8th – 10th september : Antimilitarist actions against the IT²EC arms trade fair, Ahoy, Ahoyweg 10, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

9th – 12th september : Climate justice camp, Bruxelles, Belgium.

11th september : The atomic age film festival, international uranium film festival, Dusseldörf, Germany.

11th september : Climate Protection instead of Car-Lobby. Mass Demo and Bicycle Demo at the International Automobile Fair 2021. by Alliance: ADFC, attac, BUND, Greenpeace, VCD and others, at Munich, Germany.

18th – 26 september  : Great big green week, national week of events celebrating action on climate change, Great-Britain.

24th – 26th september : Anarchist bookfair, Bern, Switzerland.

25th – 27th september : Balkan anarchist bookfaire, Timisoara, Romania.

29th september – 6th of october : International Human Rights film festival, Nuremberg, Germany.


1st – 12th november : COP26 UN conference, Glasgow, Scotland

1st – 12th november : NGO’s coalition at the UN Cop26 climate change conference, Glasgow, Scotland.

6th november : Mass mobilisation for climate justice, decentralized day of actions, Glasgow, Scotland, and across UK.


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You can also find on the following links other activist’s agendas :

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