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Fife secondary schools given STEM supplies to aid studies

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PUPILS at two Central Fife secondary schools have been handed thousands of pounds worth of equipment thanks to a major local employer.

ExxonMobil at Mossmorran has been doing its bit to encourage the next generation of scientists, engineers and technicians through its latest schools’ donation.

The firm has handed over more than £10,000 worth of equipment to four Fife schools to help them deliver their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.

Beath and Lochgelly High Schools, as well as Kirkcaldy and St Columba’s High, were each asked to send in a shopping list of items they needed to help teachers in the classrooms.

The list covered a wide spectrum of equipment ranging from much-needed text books and scientific calculators to beakers, safety glasses, coloured pencils and even colour-changing rubber ducks.

There were also presentation cameras, safety tongs, heat resistant mats, oils for experiments and much more. In the end more than 1,000 items were ordered.

Martin Burrell, plant manager at Fife Ethylene Plant, explained: “This is the second year we are proud to have donated significant equipment to local schools. Again we asked them what they needed and were happy to meet those requests.

“They came back with some weird and wonderful requests which will show pupils just how varied and interesting STEM subjects can be.”

Top of Lochgelly High’s list were much-needed maths text books, and the ExxonMobil donation included more than 100 ranging from Nat3-4 to Advanced Higher editions.

Adam Jackson, principal teacher of employability at Lochgelly High School, said: “This is a very welcome support and they have been gratefully received. It will help us to continue to ensure the best for our young people and their futures.”

At St Columba’s the list included a whole range of scientific equipment from safety goggles and test tube holders to fragranced oils and colour-changing ducks.

Nicola MacKinnon, principal teacher of employability at St Columba’s, added: “Our focus has been equipping the National Science Course and Young STEM Leaders and to make science more inclusive with a focus on learner’s needs and to encourage more interactive and practical lessons.

“This fantastic donation will go a long way in helping us to achieve that.”

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