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The Clowndoctors are back in Fife supporting families of local charity Nourish Support Centre thanks to funding from ExxonMobil

Hearts & Minds and Nourish Support Centre are pleased to announce they are working together again to support Fife families thanks to help towards funding from ExxonMobil at Mossmorran. 

In June ExxonMobil workers selected Hearts & Minds as one of their charities to support in 2021 due to their ambition to support families facing adversity by bringing them joy, laughter and creative engagement through the Clowndoctors Programme.

In Summer 2020 during the first lockdown the Clowndoctors delivered virtual visits to Nourish families direct to their homes. Hearts and Minds wanted to develop their work further with Fife charity Nourish and help support their families with monthly Clowndoctor sessions. The generous funding from ExxonMobil workers of £5000 will help part fund these much-needed visits over the next twelve months.

Nourish and Hearts & Minds are a perfect partnership sharing the same ideals and values with empathy and kindness at the heart of everything they do.

Both organisations believe that meaningful human connection is vital for wellbeing, and that this is especially important when we are at our most vulnerable. Through the art of therapeutic clowning Hearts & Minds Clowndoctors connect to people’s humanity and transform experiences of adversity and create a safe space for families so they can relax and unwind and enjoy time together.

“Clowndoctors were amazing, Kacy giggled so much all the way through. It’s such a great experience and they do a fab job. We can’t thank Hearts & Minds, the clowndoctors and Nourish enough for the experience for Kacy, she just loves them.” – Parent

Nourish Support Centre was founded in 2011 by five parents who felt there was a lack of support for families who had children with additional support needs in the Kirkcaldy area. A lot of the children and families that access Nourish have met the Clowndoctors before at hospital or at respite care at hospices and are excited to see them again but this time with their siblings and families. 

Louise Russell from ExxonMobil commented: “We were delighted that safe working practices during our recent plant improvement project enabled us to raise this money for Hearts & Minds, which was nominated by one of our workers.

“These visits will help bring happiness to many local youngsters and their families at a time when it is much needed.”

Rebecca Simpson, CEO, Hearts & Minds said: “We are delighted to be able to support Nourish and their families with a brand-new programme of monthly visits kindly funded by Exxon Mobil.

“These visits will deliver much needed laughter, creativity and imagination to children who are vulnerable especially in current times.”

Lynne Scott of Nourish said: “The smiles and laughter that the Clowndoctors bring to the children who use our services is just amazing, and its not just the young people who benefit, the whole family gain some quality time together having some fun time away from the day to day challenges they face.

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