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ExxonMobil strengthens carbon capture commitments | News

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The multinational oil and gas firm has inked an expression of interest to capture, transport and store carbon dioxide (CO2) for its Fife Ethylene Plant as part of its commitment to the project which wants to capture and store ten million metric tonnes of CO2 by 2030. 

When further developed, it is hoped this will be expanded to 20 million metric tonnes annually by the mid-2030s. Alongside ExxonMobil’s ethylene plane, Grangemouth Refinery and Mossmorran facilities will also play a part in this.

Commenting on the company’s involvement, Joe Blommaert, President of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions, said, “The application of carbon capture and storage technology at the Fife Ethylene Plant demonstrates our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions from the industrial sector.”

“With the right government policies in place and industry collaboration, the carbon capture and storage opportunities we are evaluating, such as in Scotland, have the potential to move forward with current technologies for large-scale, game-changing emissions reductions.”

Outside of the UK, ExxonMobil is also looking to pursue several other carbon capture and storage projects around the world, including in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Normandy, France; LaBarge, Wyoming; and a world-scale carbon capture and storage hub concept in Houston, Texas.

At present, the company has an equity share in approximately one-fifth of global CO2 capture capacity and has captured approximately 40% of all the captured anthropogenic CO2 in the world. ExxonMobil is also pursuing strategic investments in biofuels and hydrogen to bring those lower-emissions energy technologies to scale.

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