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Fossil Energy ā€“ Acoustic Noise

Bureau Veritas (BV) has been awarded a multi-million-pound contract with Shell to deliver verification and acoustic noise services across 26 offshore installations and three onshore gas plants in the UK.

The three-year contract, which has an option to extend for two further years, is the latest project in a long-standing relationship between the two businesses, who first started working together on this scope in 2004.

The contract represents a continuation of the previous work between BV and Shell, during which BV provided Independent Verification Body services as well as decommissioning verification services for the Brent Alpha, Bravo and Delta platforms.

BV will now continue to support the decommissioning of Brent Charlie, while also providing acoustic noise services to all Shell platforms in the Northern and Southern North Sea, as well as technical integrity audit services for onshore gas plants at St Fergus, Mossmorran and Bacton.

BVā€™s work will enable Shell to reduce the total cost of asset ownership due to remote working capabilities being increased. The two companies previously worked together to develop the BV Compliance tool, which streamlines planning, administration, project management and reporting to deliver a centralised live overview of the initial and ongoing assessment of SECE (Safety and Environmentally Critical Elements) suitability.

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