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Time to fully embrace the energy transition

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Tessa Khan at Islesburgh Community Centre earlier this year. Photo: Hans J Marter/Shetland News

MY RECENT visit to Shetland confirmed what an exceptional place it is, and not just because of the dramatic landscapes and warm hospitality that draw most people to the islands.

Shetland is also remarkable as a microcosm for an industrial transition that’s playing out across the UK and the globe—a place where, on a drive around the island, you can see 50-metre wind turbine blades being unloaded from cargo ships, as well as the platform at the UK’s largest oil field – Clair – less than 50 miles west of Eshaness.

Despite the abundance of energy in and around Shetland, it is also a stark example of how our current energy system is failing us.

The exceptionally high level of fuel poverty in Shetland this winter, driven by household energy bills that are around double that in other parts of the UK, is hard to reconcile with the islands’ role as a major hub for energy production.

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