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A total of five people have been arrested during an environmental protest at a Scottish oil refinery.

Climate Camp Scotland said they “occupied” the Ineos gas power station, which powers the Grangemouth refinery, on Saturday afternoon.

It followed a “day of resistance” from the group which has set up a protest camp at nearby Kinneil Park.

Police Scotland confirmed that five people had been arrested following the protest in Grangemouth near Falkirk.

Images emerged of four people holding a banner from the roof of the Ineos plant reading “Climate Justice for Grangemouth”.

It followed an earlier demonstration when 200 activists marched from the temporary protest camp to the oil terminal a mile away.

A smaller number came face-to-face with a wall of police officers, but held a peaceful protest before returning to the camp.

Protesters staged a demonstration at the gates of the Ineos plant before returning to their camp

Climate Camp Scotland claims the chemical giant is “Scotland’s biggest polluter”.

But the multinational firm said it operated a “safe, sustainable business” and met its climate responsibilities.

Ineos pumps out about 2.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, according to figures campaigners obtained from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa).

Activists said that the site could be renewed with sustainable jobs and industries.

Climate Camp organiser Jess Johannesson said 150 people from many different climate groups and backgrounds had come together to stay at the camp.

protest march

About 200 people set off on the protest march on Saturday

She said: “We’re protesting against Scotland’s biggest polluter – by quite a margin – the Ineos site at Grangemouth.

“The camp is an opportunity for local community members, climate activists, industry workers and people who are concerned about the climate crisis to come together and think about how to move forward to a just future for everyone.

“Grangemouth is a perfect example of why the current energy system we have doesn’t work for anyone except for CEOs of energy companies.

“Ineos made a profit of over £400m last year while the community in Grangemouth suffers from fuel poverty, with a huge petrochemical plant as their neighbour. It couldn’t be any starker than that.”

Jess Johannesson

Organiser Jess Johannesson said the space was family friendly, and everyone was welcome

She added the group had invited locals to speak about the impact of living next to the petrochemical site, as well as a former worker in the oil industry.

“We want to start a conversation so we no longer talk about the cost of living crisis separate from the climate crisis,” she said.

“Both are very much one thing and they affect the same people the most and the same people also profit from it.”

The activist said the Grangemouth camp was the third the group had organised, following similar sites at Mossmorran and Aberdeen.

Assistant Chief Constable Emma Bond said: “A small group of protesters climbed onto the roof at Ineos. Officers engaged with the group and they were later safely removed.

“No arrests were made and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

“In total following the protest in Grangemouth, five people were arrested for offences under Section 12 Public Order Act, Breach of the Peace and section 13 Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995.”

grangemouth climate camp

The Grangemouth climate camp was set up on Wednesday with action planned over the weekend

An Ineos spokesperson wished those taking part in the event a “safe week”.

They added: “This is our home, where we operate a safe, sustainable business that serves the Scottish economy well, provides skilled jobs and essential products while meeting its climate responsibilities.”

The spokesperson said Ineos was one of Scotland’s last remaining large-scale manufacturing companies.

They continued: “We provide many of the basic raw materials that are essential to many of the products that we all use on a daily basis, from mobile phones, to water and gas pipes, to medical products, cars, buses and trains, tents, waterproofs and training shoes.

“Even wind turbines and solar cells need the products made here by thousands of skilled workers.”

The company said it was working towards being a net zero manufacturer by 2045 and was making “good progress”.

Ineos added that it had reduced emissions by nearly 40% since it bought the Grangemouth site and planned to reduce emissions by more than 65% using hydrogen and carbon capture.

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