Mossmorran Action Group

The Mossmorran Action Group is a constituted voluntary organisation with an active board of 9 members spread across several communities. We work with residents directly through the formation of sub-committees, public events, information sharing, other forms of direct engagement and local action.

Social Objectives

To encourage and develop collective action that will address local issues. In furtherance of the said object the group may:-

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the local community by collecting data on noise pollution; light pollution; air pollution; water & ground pollution and ensure all information gathered is placed in the public domain
  • Promote the health and well-being of the community by working together to look for solutions to lessen impact of the Mossmorran plant on local communities
  • Consult with current and future residents of the affected areas and feed such information back to appropriate bodies
  • To network with like-minded groups, representative bodies, and individuals to better represent the views of those negatively impacted by the operations of industrial plants in the vicinity of the Mossmorran area.


Report an issue

Report an issue

We are currently collecting evidence to gain a better understanding and a clearer picture of the social impacts our communities attribute to the operations at Mossmorran. By collecting this data, we can lobby our representatives including the Scottish Government to seek definitive studies and push for mitigatory solutions to lessen and resolve (where possible) the identified social impacts.

Report an issue