Mossmorran & Braefoot Community Safety Committee

The Mossmorran & Braefoot Bay Community and Safety Committee is the official body for raising and addressing concerns within our communities.

about the Mossmorran & Braefoot Bay

Community & Safety Committee

The official representation of communities is through the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Community and Safety Committee which holds quarterly meetings in any given year. Representatives are invited to attend from Community Councils in the immediate vicinity of the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay complexes. The meetings are chaired by a councillor. Representatives attend from SEPA, ExxonMobil and Shell. Fife Council and NHS Fife do not attend the meetings. Meetings are quarterly and closed to members of the public.

Several Councillors & Community Councillors are known for taking gifts from Mossmorran

Political Representation

Fife Councillors

Cllr. Alistair Bain


Cllr. Kathleen Leslie


Cllr. David Barratt

MAG Public Survey of 100 residents

Survey Results

93% of respondents found it UNACCEPTABLE that representatives accept gifts from ExxonMobil
89.90% of believe Mossmorran is responsible for detrimental health issues in local communities

Mossmorran & Braefoot Bay

Community & Safety

As part of the original planning conditions it was a requirement that both companies set up a liaison committee. Whilst the secretary of state agreed with this suggestion, he concluded that the setting up of such committees should rest with the local authorities not the developers.

The Mossmorran & Braefoot Bay Community and Safety Committee (“the Committee”) is meant to provide a forum to enable local communities to:

> be aware of developments likely to take place at Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay;

> be briefed on environmental impacts and safety issues associated with the existing plant and terminal, as well as any developments affecting them,

> and allow the views of local communities on these issues to be properly addressed.

The constituion clearly states that there will be three representatives from Fife Council, and one representative from each of the following:-

> Shell

> ExxonMobil

> Aberdour Community Council

> Auchtertool Community Council

> Burntisland Community Council

> Cardenden & Kinglassie Community Council

> Cowdenbeath Community Council

> Crossgates & Mossgreen Community Council

> Dalgety Bay & Hillend Community Council

> Lochgelly Community Council

> Lumphinnans Community Council

ExxonMobil provides Corporate Hospitality to a variety of individuals which includes; Councillors, MSPs, MPs, Community Councillors, NHS Fife representatives.

The range of gifts vary in costs but the largest gifts recorded to date are the following ExxonMobil regular gifts:

> Slap-up meals (with unlimited free bar) at the Balbirnie House Hotel.

> Luxurious meals at Edinburgh Castle.

> All-expenses paid trips to box office seats at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

> All-expenses paid trips to the Six Nations Rugby Matches.

Safety Committee

MAG Public Survey of 100 residents

Survey Results

They become compromised. I've no objection to tea & sandwiches, but to be going to fancy hotels for slap-up meals is not on. Why do our reps need to go to the rugby with the Moss. and also receive personal gifts, ridiculous.

Testimonial #1 Monkey Survey Response

This is purely to get them onside, if anyone accepted gifts they should not be in place

Testimonial #2 Monkey Survey Response

A clear example of bribery on the part of conglomerates to keep public sweet !!!!

Testimonial #3 Monkey Survey Response

This should be totally illegal. How can they be objective if they're accepting gifts etc it smacks of bribery

Testimonial #4 Monkey Survey Response

It's all shady backroom.

Testimonial #5 Monkey Survey Response

Bribery . And not ethical

Testimonial #6 Monkey Survey Response

You have to be joking! Please tell me this does not happen.

Testimonial #7 Monkey Survey Response

We need to know who is accepting what

Testimonial #8 Monkey Survey Response

You mean backhanders. We only know of minor ones. What about the big cash ones the councillors will probably be getting.

Testimonial #9 Monkey Survey Response

They need to be seen to be independent. Accepting gifts or hospitality calls that into question.

Testimonial #10 Monkey Survey Response

Why are they paying out a silencer??? What's to gain?

Testimonial #11 Monkey Survey Response

Community responses to Gift Taking

Survey Responses

MAG conducted a general survey of 100 members using Survey Monkey (link to results). Below we have reproduced some of the comments that were made in response to the question; "Do you believe it's acceptable that Elected officials, Community Councillors, Members of Safety Committees should accept Gifts and Goodwill from Mossmorran?"

Have you been impacted by Mossmorran?

Submit a report to our Social Impact Map

Have you suffered from the operations at Mossmorran? Has your health been affected? Do you know of any Environmental or Social impacts from Mossmorran? Submit a report to our social impact map. All responses are in confidence and not shared with any 3rd parties. Data is anonymised before being added to the map.

Resident-led action group seeking redress from the long-term social, health and environmental impacts from the Mossmorran facilities in Central Fife operated by ExxonMobil (Fife Ethylene Plant) and Shell (Fife NGL).


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