Reporting an impact

Do you or a family member suffer from any of the following which you believe is attributed to operations at Mossmorran:
  • headaches during flaring events,
  • sleep disturbances
  • anxiety, stress, fear..
  • noise pollution
  • light pollutions
  • vibration in the home
  • breathing issues
  • other issues.....

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Key data from Public Reports

From the analysis of 363 public reports, the following trends have been identified


Analysis of 363 out of 363 public reports




Vibration in Home


Noise Pollution


Soot Particles


Breathing Difficulties


Light Pollution


Sleep Disturbance


Skin Rash


Eyes & Throat Irritation




Chemical Smells


Cancer Risk Concerns

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Lumphinnans Resident KY4 9HW

It’s like standing next to a jet engine that’s with all the windows closed! Also the light pollution Is Horrendous!

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Lochgelly Resident KY5 9LL

My house shakes cups and glasses in the cupboards clink together doors rattle and the whole house lights up like daytime during the night it makes the kids unsettled and makes me feel sick

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Cowdenbeath Resident KY4 9AZ

Cannot get to sleep for the light of the flare, the noise is deafening and the vibration is terrible and is worse lying in your bed

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Burntisland Resident KY3 0UG

There has been significant noise coming from the site since this current flaring episode. It sounds like helicopters circling. It woke my small children and they found it difficult to get to sleep as they were scared.

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Cowdenbeath Resident KY4 8NB

I have asthma, breathing is really bad when flaring occurs, headaches, floor in house vibrates, sleepless nights when flaring occurs, ringing in the ears, have had like a black soot in the garden.

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Kelty Resident Postcode withheld

I believe Mossmoran to be cause of my brain tumour. Doctor said it was slow growing since childhood and normally seen by “woman that worked with pollution in wartime”. I have never worked with pollution tho lived Kelty from age 9 years to 42 years. I was diagnosed tumour aged 44 years, I am now 48. Have suffered headaches / migraine since teenager

Have you been impacted by Mossmorran?

Submit a report to our Social Impact Map

Have you suffered from the operations at Mossmorran? Has your health been affected? Do you know of any Environmental or Social impacts from Mossmorran? Submit a report to our social impact map. All responses are in confidence and not shared with any 3rd parties. Data is anonymised before being added to the map.

Resident-led action group seeking redress from the long-term social, health and environmental impacts from the Mossmorran facilities in Central Fife operated by ExxonMobil (Fife Ethylene Plant) and Shell (Fife NGL).


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