Mossmorran Action Group

The Mossmorran Action Group is a constituted voluntary group that was formed by residents from several communities in response to the long-term impacts residents have faced from operations at the Mossmorran Petrochemical facilities located in the Cowdenbeath area which are operated by Shell (Fife NGL) and ExxonMobil (Fife Ethylene Plant). The group has adopted a range of aims and objectives including disseminating information into the public domain, improving accountability and transparency of local representation, and seeking mitigatory solutions where possible to address the long-term impacts from the operations of the plants.


If you are facing impacts from the Mossmorran plant, whether through noise pollution, light pollution, vibration in the home, flaring, smoke emissions, etc. please make sure you log a complaint with the SEPA pollution hotline

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Pollution returns for Fife NGL (SHELL) and Fife Ethylene Plant (ExxonMobil) provided by SEPA

ExxonMobil reported earnings ($ USD) for 2016
Fife Ethylene (ExxonMobil) - Air Pollutants emitted per tonne in 2016
Shell reported earnings ($ USD) for 2016
Fife NGL (Shell) - Air Pollutants emitted per tonne in 2016

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